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Program Rules

Your use of the Love to Shop program constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

These terms and conditions govern your use of the Love to Shop program (also referred to as the "Program").   Your use of the Program enables you to earn points that may be redeemed for a cash back rebate when you shop at participating stores at the Love to Shop online mall. "Participant" means an individual who participates in the various elements of the Program.

RewardsNOW, Inc. manages and administers the Love to Shop program.  RewardsNOW and Love to Shop are not affiliates. These terms and conditions are also subject to other agreements you may have with Love to Shop.


  1. The Love to Shop program is offered at the sole discretion of the Love My Credit Union Rewards program. Love My Credit Union Rewards reserves the right to modify or change the terms and conditions at any time, for any reason, and without notice, and this includes the right to suspend or end the Program, cancel outstanding points, or change redemption of outstanding rewards. Love to Shop and Love My Credit Union Rewards do not assume any liability whatsoever for these changes.
  2. In the event of fraud, abuse of the Program privileges, or violation of the Rules (for example, any attempt to sell, exchange, or transfer points or any instrument exchangeable for points), Love to Shop, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel your participation in the Program.
  3. You are responsible for any personal tax liability related to participation in the Program or as a result of cash back earned.
  4. The Program is void where prohibited by law.
  5. Love to Shop is not responsible for managing or administering the Program or providing any of the services offered under the Program. Love to Shop will not be responsible for errors or omissions in any Program document. Love to Shop will not have any liability to you or any other participant arising from, or related to, the services or rewards.
  6. You (and any other beneficiary of the Program) agree that neither Love to Shop nor RewardsNOW will be liable for, and you release, discharge, and hold harmless Love to Shop and RewardsNOW or anyone who acted on behalf of Love to Shop or RewardsNOW, from any and all claims of any sort, type, kind, or nature that you may have arising out of or in any way relating to your participation in the program or its rewards including (but not limited to) claims for or due to personal injury, property damage, accident, sickness, delay, cancellation, postponement, inconvenience, penalty, refund, or other irregularities that may occur or that may be caused by any provider of services or rewards.
  7. Love to Shop reserves the right to interpret Program Rules and policies and will be the final authority on point credits and award qualifications.

Earning Points

  1. Participants will earn points for net purchases made by shopping at participating merchants online through the Love to Shop website. Purchases will be rounded to the nearest whole dollar. Point earning will vary based on the merchant and is listed on the website. 
  2. In order to receive points, participants must click through to the Love to Shop mall website from the Love to Shop program website. No points will be awarded without going through to the Love to Shop mall website.
  3. "Net purchases" are defined as the dollar value of goods and services purchased through the Love to Shop mall website, minus any returns or other adjustments.
  4. Negative points will post on a monthly e-statement if returns or credits exceed purchases. Points may not be purchased.
  5. Points may be earned only if the applicable rewards account is in good standing. If the account is closed by either you or Love to Shop for any reason, all points that were accumulated but unused will be forfeited immediately.
  6. The number of points a Participant can earn in a calendar year is unlimited.
  7. Points earned will be credited on a monthly basis and will be posted 45 to 90 days after the transaction. We will provide a monthly Love to Shop program e-statement. You can choose to receive a monthly e-statement notification by email when your points are updated. The email will also contain a link to the website where you can view your current point balance. Statement preferences can be updated by visiting the Preferences page.
  8. Points have no cash value. Points and awards are not considered your property and are generally not transferable upon death, as part of a legal settlement, or as part of a domestic relations issue.

Redeeming Points

  1. When you reach 1,500 points, a $15 check will be awarded. If you have earned more than 1,500 points in a month, you will get cash back for the total number of points outstanding. On a monthly basis, your reward account will be reviewed to see if you are eligible for the rebate. Checks will be mailed to the address on file, which you provided at the time of registration.
  2. Participants have no claim to accrued points in any amount less than the amount necessary to receive a rebate check.
  3. Points may be redeemed only from accounts that are open and in good standing as stated in the "Earning Points" section above.
  4. All rebates are sent to the address on the rewards account. You may update your mailing address on the Preferences page. Rebates will be mailed by USPS.  Rebates cannot be mailed outside the 50 United States.
  5. Neither Love to Shop or RewardsNOW are responsible for lost or stolen correspondence, documents, or checks.

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